Art Against Knives Gallery

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    Digital Print. Created especially for Art Against Knives.  
    SIZE: 42 x 59.4 cm
    Unframed: £100 (+8 Postage)
    Framed: (Pricing + Collection / shipping upon request - please email gallery@artagainstknives.com)
    This piece reads:
    Buy less sh*t you don't need. Give away what you don't use. Recycle. Live within your means. Don't let social networks rule your life - they make big bucks while you chatter. Admit it when you are wrong. Say sorry and mean it. Don't lie. Think before opening your wallet; or mouth or heart - but never close any of them completely. Say "YES" more often. But "NO" when you have to draw the line. Throw away your TV and think. Read. Write. Draw. Play. Imagine. Let judges be judged. Avoid drama queens. Go running - or maybe just walk a bit more. Take the odd risk. Have business meetings standing up - they're quicker and more productive. Always be early. Be a master, not a jack. Work with great people... like Art Against Knives. 

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